Since e cigarettes are battery operated, the power and longevity of the battery of the e cigarettes you’re considering is a deciding factor. You’ll want an e cigarette with a battery that will last long enough for you to enjoy your e juice without dying on you. Be sure that you consider this when choosing your e cigarettes, since it is very important.

If you’ve chosen well, you would have acquired a double start kit with two electronic cigarettes; this allows you to always have a charged battery while using the other battery. When you run out of the battery, you just take the loaded battery and place the one you were using on load, always repeats this cycle rigorously, this way you will always have at least one fully charges e cigarette to smoke at all times.

If your budget allows, buy more loose batteries and have at least two fully charged spare batteries, while using the third. You could also use very useful gadgets to keep your batteries charged on the go, like a power bank, allowing you to charge your mobile phone or your electronic cigarette anywhere where you are, weighing very little and usually have the size of a smart phone, perfect for carrying in bags or pockets. There are also multiple powerful USB chargers. Beware of multiple chargers of low quality, if they do not have enough power, they will not allow you to charge your phone and your electronic cigarette at the same time.

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E cigarette batteries should at the very least last a few hours. Some great e cigarettes can last for days without charging, but these are usually more expensive and if your budget doesn’t allow it, it can be difficult. As long as you can smoke your e juice for a few hours, there shouldn’t be a problem.